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At Service Point our highly experienced teams can advise you on the best oil and care for your engine.

“No additional work will be carried out without prior approval”

Niall McGuinness

Premmium Service without the premium Price

Wexford Car Servicing Specialists

Need your car serviced? Based in the Wexford area? You’ve come to the right place.

Whatever your vehicle make or model, Service Point Auto Repair offers the same standard of car servicing or van servicing you would expect from a main vehicle dealership or garage, without the premium price.

What we do

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On Level
Oil & Filter Service
Silver Service
Gold Service
Check lights, side, reverse, no. plate, fog, brake, tail, indicators, headlights, repeaters, reactors, and hazards
Check number plate condition
Check fuel cap condition
Check horn operation
Check ABS warning light for correct operation
Check heater plug indicator (Diesel)
Check seat belts front and rear (inc. lap belt)
Check windscreen wiper blade condition
Check washer operation (front and rear)
Check shock absorbers (bounce test)
Check tyre wear and record measurements
Lubricate accessible door hinges
Under the Bonnet
Oil & Filter Service
Silver Service
Gold Service
Renew air filter if required
Remove and check pollen filter condition (additional cost)
Replace pollen filter (additional cost)
Check and top-up brake fluid
Replace brake fluid every 2 years (additional cost)
Screen and headlight washer reservoir, check and top-up
Power steering reservoir. Top-up if required
Check cooling fan for operation (where applicable)
Check and top up antifreeze/coolant
Drain and replace coolant if due (additional cost)
Visual check of hoses & pipes for condition (where visible)
Check battery clean & grease terminals & check voltage
Replace external petrol fuel filter if required (additional cost)
Replace external diesel fuel filter if required (additional cost)
Visual inspection of drive belts (adjust where applicable)
Check timing/cam belt replacement (report if due)
Renew spark plugs (Platinum, long life, multi electrode or twin spark engines at extra charge)
Lubricate bonnet latch and hinge
Vehicle Raised
Oil & Filter Service
Silver Service
Gold Service
Renew engine oil (synthetic & specialist oils at extra charge)
Replace oil filter
Run engine and check for engine and gear box oil leaks
Refit sump plug
Check wheel bearings for play and noise
Check steering components for wear, corrosion and leaks
Visually inspect brakes where visible
Remove wheels & inspect brake drums for condition & wear
Remove wheels & inspect brake pads for condition & wear
Remove wheels & inspect brake discs for condition & wear
Visually inspect brake system hydraulics for leaks & corrosion
Check brake servo operation
Check handbrake operation and adjust if needed
Inspect and report on exhaust system
Inspect front wheel cylinders/callipers for leaks and operation
Check and record tyre pressures for all 5 tyres
Check propshaft/drive shaft, joints and gaiters for security and condition
Check suspension springs
Check shock absorbers
Road Test
Oil & Filter Service
Silver Service
Gold Service
Check gear box operation
Check engine noise
Check clutch operation
Check for excessive exhaust smoke
Check steering operation
After Road Test
Oil & Filter Service
Silver Service
Gold Service
Recheck engine oil levels
Check wheel nut torque settings and adjust if needed
Stamp service book if available

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*Prices may vary depending on the make, model and oil requirements of your vehicle. 


What Our Customers Say

Derek Howlin
Oil change, General repairs & maintenance, Check engine light diagnostic, Engine repair
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Professional,prompt,efficient service from Niall & staff anytime I bring my wife's car or my own for repair or basic service,couldn't recommend it enough👌🏼& have done to anyone I know👍🏼
CA O'Connell
Brakes, Exhaust, General repairs & maintenance
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I've used Service Point before and always been happy with the work Niall does. I made an appointment to have my brake pads looked at but in the meantime, my exhaust broke. Not only was it replaced perfectly, but I was told that the brake pads were fine. It goes to show Niall's honesty when dealing with customers because I'd have been none the wiser had he told me they all needed replacing. You'll get great service, value for money and 100% up front honesty when dealing with Service Point. I honestly couldn't reccommend it highly enough.
Seonaid O'Donnell
Electrical repair, General repairs & maintenance, Check engine light diagnostic
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Couldn't be happier with service received from Niall and his team, I'd had an issue with electrics and had been getting nowhere with other mechanics, saying I'd need a new part etc, Niall fixed it the same day I brought it in. Delighted to have found a mechanic to stick with, would highly recommend to anyone.
Denise Pear
General repairs & maintenance
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Very happy with the service and attention that they put in to looking after my car I had a timing belt and a service done Very reasonable on prices to Rating
Geoff Rochford
General repairs & maintenance
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Extremely happy with the service I received from Service Point. Went above and beyond, even for a small job. I'll be coming here again for any further services.